Beneq TFS 200 is the most flexible ALD research platform ever designed for academic research and corporate R&D. Beneq TFS 200 has specifically been designed to minimize any cross-contamination that could happen in a multi-user research environment. The large number of available options and upgrades means that your Beneq TFS 200 will grow with you to meet even the most demanding research requirements.

GEMStar XT is the most capable compact system on the market. This Arradiance product family delivers high quality performance in a compact Benchtop platform. Now with more configurable options to meet specific Customer requirements and budgets, we are confident that GEMStar can take your ALD research or low volume manufacturing to the next level. XT systems can be configured as single (4 ALD port) or dual (8 ALD port) 200 °C manifolds with four easily locatable ALD bottle material heated zones, and up to four external gas lines. All systems have one port equipped with our Pulsed Vapor Push technology for low vapor pressure materials.