Self-contained, table-top laser marking systems for a huge variety of marking, annealing, engraving, and cutting in many materials.

EasyMark are simple-to-use, manually loaded tools for marking, and engraving. A powerful user interface and operational flexibility make them ideal for use with tooling, medical devices, electronics, and jewelry.

Superior laser systems for automated precision welding of small metal or plastic parts ideal for medical products, automotive electronics, sensors, and more.

ExactWeld includes a fiber laser (for metals) or a diode laser (for polymers), robotic positioning, user-friendly software, and an optional vision system. It maximizes weld quality, production yields, process consistency, and operator productivity.

Fully-automated, multi-axis CNC machines for tubes and flat materials, including medical devices such as catheter shafts, stents, hypotubes, PTCA devices, TAVR, etc.

With a rock-solid cutting platform (the SL uses a mineral cast base) these machines offer the ultimate in precision, with contour cutting accuracies better than +/- 5 µm. A choice of fiber laser or the latest Monaco USP laser enables fine cutting of any polymer or metal.

Economical single-mode fiber laser sub-systems with optional focusing heads and galvo scanners for welding or cutting, from a single supplier with >15 years experience in fiber laser applications.

The PowerLine FL series simplify integration of laser cutting and/or welding into existing production lines. The combination of high beam quality and SmartWeld supports very small seam geometries at high welding speeds. Up to 1.5 kW of power provides deep welding penetration.