ChemDetect™ Liquid Analyzer MID-IR LIQUID

  • ChemDetect™ Liquid Analyzer MID-IR LIQUID
    The ChemDetect™ Analyzer is a compact, intelligent spectrometer that uses the power of quantum cascade lasers to analyze and identify chemicals. It combines the latest high-speed, broadly tunable QCL technology with advanced, uncooled detection capability. An embedded computer is programmed with chemical identification algorithms for unmatched specificity and speed.

    This versatile mid-IR spectrometer and chemical analyzer enables standoff detection or coupling into liquid, solid, and gas sample cells, including long path-length multipass cells, flow cells, and ATR probes. Its high speed and broad tuning range enable simultaneous detection of multiple target chemicals with ease. Benchtop, rack-mount, and portable ruggedized versions are available with ATR, open path, and gas cell sample interfaces.


  • High-sensitivity measurements (ppm)
  • Fast update rates (1 s)
  • Small sample volume (1 µL)
  • Configurable for standard HPLC systems
  • Autoclavable components
  • Flexible sample compartment
  • Easy-to-use software
  • SDK for system developers
  • Spectra or analyte concentration outputs
  • Multiple output file formats available


  • Industrial process control
  • Protein analysis
  • Fluid analysis
  • Defense and security
  • Materials processing
  • Gas/liquid phase analysis

Culpeo™ Liquid Analyzer MID-IR LIQUID

  • Culpeo™ Liquid Analyzer MID-IR LIQUID

    The Culpeo® QCL-IR Liquid Analyzer is a compact, intelligent mid-infrared spectrometer that provides real-time, simultaneous detection of multiple target chemicals with ease. Culpeo’s broadly-tunable quantum cascade lasers (QCLs), coupled with advanced, uncooled detection capability, allows Culpeo to analyze small liquid volumes—or long liquid path lengths (>100 µm)—with high sensitivity. An embedded processor with onboard molecular identification algorithms enables Culpeo to identify liquid samples with high specificity and speed. Compatible with various sample interfaces including user-changeable smart flow cell modules, long path-length multi-pass cells, and ATR probes, Culpeo allows on-line, at-line or off-line analysis. Culpeo’s unique feature set brings new capabilities to liquid analysis in applications such as protein analysis, liquid chromatography, and industrial process control.


  • Real-time quantitative spectral data
  • Large linear dynamic range
  • Low LOD/LOQ, even with small volumes
  • Configurable for continuous PAT, batch analysis
  • Works with HPLC and fluid handlers
  • Multi-analyzer synchronization
  • Network controllable
  • OPC-UA enabled
  • Easy-to-load smart flow cell modules
  • Small footprint
  • No cryogenic cooling required


  • Protein analysis
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Chemical reactor monitoring
  • Bioreactor monitoring
  • Process development


  • Photoluminescence
    Photoluminescence is one of the method to characterize the unknown materials (crystal structure, impurity and concentration) with emission signal by the excitation of input source (laser, lamp) on sample and the most typical instrument for semiconductor (III-V,II-IV), LED and Photoelectric device in property measurement.

Raman Measurement

  • Raman Measurement
    Raman spectroscopy provides information on the chemical make-up of molecules by the observation of vibrational energies and rotation of the molecules. It can be used for the analysis of solids, liquids ,solution and can even provide crystalline phase , orientation, polymorphic forms , stress information and opens up the range of applications to many that structure analysis of organic compound and research of surface, corrosion, protein, biomaterial.

THz-Raman® Spectroscopy Systems

  • TR-PROBE for Raman System Measurements
    The TR-PROBE is a compact, robust THz-Raman® probe that enables in-situ reaction or process monitoring for THz-Raman spectroscopy.
    The TR-MICRO mounts directly to a broad range of popular microscope platforms and micro-Raman systems, and can be easily switched in and out of the optical path.
    The TR-BENCH is configured for benchtop use and offers a range of interchangeable sample interface accessories holder for fast, easy measurements and customized collection optics or easy integration into a customized system for Raman spectroscopy.
  • TR-WPS
    The Coherent TR-WPS Automated Well-plate Measurement System combines high throughput screening (HTS) capability with our patented low-frequency/THz-Raman® technology to automatically capture the entire Raman spectrum, making it ideal for screening and identification of polymorphic compounds and co-crystals.
  • NoiseBlock™ ASE Suppression Filter
    Coherent’s NoiseBlock™ ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) Suppression filters suppress the broad spectrum of spontaneous emission that commonly occurs in laser diodes to provide a pure, ASE-free, single frequency laser.
  • SureBlock™ XLF Notch Filter Systems

    Coherent’s patented SureBlock™ XLF Notch Filter Systems enable fast, clear capture of Raman spectra in the Low-Frequency/Low Wavenumber/THz regime (~5 cm-1 to 200 cm-1, or 150 GHz to 6 THz), as well as the standard chemical fingerprint region, using only a standard single-stage spectrometer.

  • NoiseBlock™ 90/10 Beamsplitter Filters
    Coherent’s NoiseBlock™ 90/10 Beamsplitter Filters are designed to diffract 90% of the incoming light that matches the designed Bragg wavelength (λ0) and incident angle. All other wavelengths will be transmitted through the filter, making them excellent for boosting the effective signal of a Raman spectrometer.

2D IR Spectroscopy

  • 2D IR Spectrometers
    2DQuick IR is designed to collect high-quality 2D IR spectra using an array detector. The spectrometer uses mid-IR pulse shaping technology and array detection with a monochromator for fast data collection with high signal-to-noise.
  • 2D Visible Spectrometers
    2DQuick Visible is designed to collect high-quality 2D visible spectra quickly and easily. Our spectrometer aquires By combining shot-to-shot pulse shaping and detection at repetition rates up to 100 kHz.
  • Transient Absorption Spectrometers
    2DQuick Transient is an add-on module to our 2DQuick spectrometers which enables the ability to conduct UV/visible pump, mid-IR or visible probe measurements as well as transient 2D IR or transient 2D visibile measurements.

Pulse Shapers for any wavelength

  • QuickShape IR
    QuickShape IR is a powerful mid-IR pulse shaper that has been designed and engineered for flexibility and ease of use. Shot-to-shot operation at up to 100 kHz for high signal-to-noise experiments with the latest high-repetition-rate lasers.
  • QuickShape Visible
    QuickShape Visible is a powerful visible and near-IR pulse shaper that has been designed and engineered for flexibility and ease of use. Shot-to-shot operation at up to 100 kHz for high signal-to-noise experiments with the latest high-repetition-rate lasers.

Next-gen Mid-IR Array Detectors

  • Next-gen Mid-IR Array Detectors
    2DMCT is a next-generation mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) detector for the mid-IR. Featuring 128 rows of 128 pixels, high sensitivity and very low noise electronics. A powerful, surprisingly affordable detector for pump-probe, 2D IR or imaging experiments.
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