OPCPA Laser System

  • WHITE DWARF OPCPA | 5 W Powered By Coherent
    The White Dwarf OPCPA powered by Coherent has its pump laser already on board to enter the next level of stability. We integrate the Coherent Monaco industrial femtosecond laser on a small footprint with state-of-the-art optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier (OPCPA) technology to bring industrial performance to scientific output parameters.

Key features

  • high-performance OPCPA system
  • output power up to 5 W
  • pulse duration < 10 fs
  • wavelengths UV to MID-IR
  • repetition rate up to 10 MHz
  • pumped by Coherent Monaco 60 W


  • in-vivo brain imaging
  • multi-photon microscopy
  • time-resolved spectroscopy
  • multi-color pump-probe
  • ultra-fast material science
  • optogenetics