Fiber Lasers

  • StarFiber laserThe Coherent StarFiber laser is robust, compact, and satisfies all criteria for optimized industrial laser material processing. For laser joining, StarFiber allows very small seam geometries at very high welding speeds. The welded joints show maximum strength with minimal heat input to the workpiece. Laser fine cutting and drilling with StarFiber results in clean cuts with low heat affected zones and high edge qualities.
  • QFS 50The QFS 50 is a specific, fiber-laser-based production solution for scribing engine connecting rods. In doing this, the laser process is adjusted for the specific materials used in the connecting rods. In combination with the processing head FLBK SC, the QFS 50 meets the high demands of automobile engine production.
  • HighLightTM FL seriesThe HighLightTM FL series of industrial, multi-kilowatt fiber lasers provides a cost-effective solution for many common welding tasks. These lasers feature Coherent’s unique multi-stage back reflection immunity system which enhances reliability and lifetime, and enables safe processing of highly reflective materials, including brass, copper, and aluminum.
  • PowerLine F seriesThe completely air-cooled infrared fiber lasers from the PowerLine F series are particularly suitable for small, clearly legible marks and are equally suited for the processing of plastics and metals at low operation costs.

Nd:YAG Lasers

  • Lasers For PIVOutput energies of up to 425mJ per laser head. Repetition rates of up to 50kHz. 355nm & 266nm available for LIF.
  • Tunable Pulsed LasersThe Aurora II Integra series combines a Type II BBO broadband OPO and Nd:YAG nanosecond pump source into a single laser head, using an ultra-rigid Invar optical rail to provide class-leading performance and stability. True no-gap tunable output from 410 to 2600nm with options to extend into the 210 to 410nm UV range as well as direct access to the pump laser and its harmonics make the Aurora II the perfect choice for a wide range of research and industrial applications.
Tunable Pulsed LasersIntegrated Nd:YAG pumped Type II BBO OPO laser systems with either DPSS or lamp pump source. Continuous tuning range 410-1064nm and 1064-2600nm. Linewidth < 4cm-1.

Peta Watt lasers


  • > 1 PW
  • Energy > 25 J at 25 fs
  • Broadband, high contract using XPW
  • High beam quality with high energy pumping lasers
  • Ultra-stable beam pointing
  • Reliable, Modular and User


  • Wake field acceleration
  • Plasma Physics
  • VUV-Xray generation
  • High order harmonic generation
  • Time resolved spectroscopy



Thales is the only player in the marketplace with the expertise in avionics, IFE, support and services, ATM systems and cybersecurity needed to develop this new ecosystem.

Digital identity and security

Businesses and governments rely on Thales to bring trust to the billions of digital interactions they have with people. Our identity management and data protection technologies help banks exchange funds, people cross borders, energy become smarter and much more.

Defence and Security

In Defence and security, armed forces, governments and global organisations entrust Thales with helping them achieve and maintain security, tactical superiority and strategic independence in the face of any type of threat.


For more than 40 years now, Thales Alenia Space has designed, integrated, tested, operated and delivered innovative space systems.


Helping countries, cities and transport operators to create the digital railways of the future and meet new mobility demands.

Market-specific solutions

Thales provides solutions to a variety of specialized markets and applications including radiology, radio frequency, microwave sources, training and simulation solutions, microelectronics and lasers for science, industry, space and defence.

Dye lasers

  • LiopStar – standard

    • Extreme narrow bandwidth system down to 0,02cm-1
    • Wide spectral range 197nm – 5000nm
    • Low ASE <0,5%
    • Repetition rates up to 100kHz
    • High efficient laser resonator
    • Exchangeable grating
    • Gaussian near beam quality due to Bethune cells
    • Third dye cell for high power pump laser
    • Eroded stainless-steel case for oscillator and amplifier cuvettes for highest stability
    • New state-of-the art integrated electronics and user-friendly software
    • Intelligent PI control for FCU autotracking unit with temperature stabilized crystals
    • USB port
    • Remote control via TCP / IP protocol
    • Smallest footprint


    • Laser induced fluorescence: LIF
    • Photolysis
    • Combustion and atmospheric studies
    • Light detection and ranging: LIDAR
    • Raman spectroscopy
    • Coherent antistokes raman spectroscopy: CARS

Gas Sensing DFB Laser Diode

  • Top wavelengths for gas sensing
    nanoplus offers DFB lasers at any wavelength between 760 nm and 14000 nm. The following wavelengths are used in high impact applications.
  • Fabry Perot Lasers
    nanoplus FP lasers are specially designed and characterized to fit your requirements. They are used for security measures and range finding. In conjunction with an external cavity they are ideally suited for gas sensing applications.  Applications include power plants, gas pipelines and emission control systems as well as airborne and satellite applications.
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