FastMark Series (FMS)

FastMark Series (FMS) enables you to mark faster, cleaner, and precisely on a wide variety of materials. FMS family can produce ultra-fine, crisp marks at blazing speeds every time. Wide adjustability and stable operation, coupled with optical monitoring technology to ensure robust operation even in the most challenging environments make the FMS family uniquely suitable for 24×7 industrial and job shop applications worldwide.

FastMark Series has a wide range of applications in Electronic Components, Hardware, Electrical & Switch Gear Industry, Consumer Goods, Sensors, Automotive Components, Precision Tools, Dies & Molds ,Jewellery Industry, Medical Devices , White Goods, etc.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily integrated, compact and robust
  • `Fit & Forget’ service free technology
  • Plug and play
  • With international high-quality fibre laser, it can mark all kinds of precise patterns according to customer requirements
  • Multiple power laser light source available for different applications
  • Fast speed, high efficiency, stable output power, high reliability
  • Long life and maintenance-free. It is suitable for 24×7 operations
  • Small and compact size, easy to carry, optimizes production space
  • 1 year standard warranty
  • Marking of serial number, barcodes, 2D data matrix and graphic on metals, non-metals & ABS materials
  • Low cost of ownership


Our Hand-Held Laser Cleaning System is a modern Hi-Tech product for surface cleaning. Its advantage is superior quality, high-efficiency, easy transportability, environment friendly and causes no damage to base material, etc.

The system is also equipped with a LCD touch screen to control the cleaning operation. With flexible cables, light weight hand-held gun and a wide variety of applications, this system can be operated at any location.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily Integrated, Compact and Robust
  • Fit & Forget; service free technology
  • Forced air cooling, high stability
  • Plug and Play
  • International high quality fiber laser
  • High Speed, greater efficiency, stable output power and high reliability
  • Long life and maintenance free
  • High photoelectric conversion rate, low consumption, energy saving


  • Paint Removal
  • Dies-Mold Cleaning
  • Restoration
  • Oil Stain Removal
  • Rust Removal



  • Gear wheel
  • Center gear
  • Tubes & Profiles
  • Differential gear
  • Tube
  • Heat exchanger


  • Back reflection handling : high tolerance – safe protection
  • High wall plug efficiency >30%
  • Adjustable beam quality by fiber selection
  • Flexibility by using fast switching and beam splitting with up to 4 fiber outputs in multi mode
  • Integrated scanner control for scanner processing solutions

FastCut Series

FastCut Premium

FastCut Standard

FastCut Economy

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