• Hinds develops circular dichroism instrument
    for high throughput screening of chiral pharmaceuticals and
    strikes distribution deal with Bio-Logic Science Instruments.

    Hinds Instruments now facilitates high throughput screening for enantiomerically
    enriched compounds with the new CD MicroPlate Reader.

    It is faster than conventional CD methods designed for single sample
    analysis and also faster & less expensive than HPLC methods. It enables reading thousands of enantiomeric
    excess values per hour. It includes PC and monitor with CD MicroPlate Reader Software.
    This can be ideally used for CD spectroscopy and rapid kinetics.

  • NKT Photonics’ SuperK MIR brings
    Supercontinuum into MID IR
    The SuperK MIR delivers more than 450 mW of continuous light from 0.9 to 4.2 µm.
    The source features a monolithic all-fiber architecture ensuring stability and
    maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours. The mid-infrared light
    is fiber delivered through a broadband collimator, offering great flexibility and easy use.

    With their ultra-broad spectrum, diffraction-limited beam quality and robust fiber architecture,
    supercontinuum white light lasers have long been the light source of choice in demanding applications from
    fluorescence microscopy and bio-imaging to spectroscopy and industrial metrology.

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  • Inauguration of Coherent-Excimer Laser and a Seminar on Pulsed Laser Deposition at Sahyadri. The Chief Guest Dr. Burkhard Fechner from Coherent GmbH. and the Guest of honor Dr. Lalit Kumar from Laser Science Services (I) Pvt Ltd Mumbai inaugurated the Excimer Laser

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