• Coherent Inc. launches
    OPA - Opera-F for Monaco
    The Opera-F is an Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) that extends the performance
    of Coherents Monaco amplifier. Opera-F delivers a broad tuning range,
    650 nm to 900 nm and 1200 nm to 2500 nm. Pumped by 40W at 1 MHz from a Monaco
    amplifier, Opera-F can deliver > 4W signal + idler.

    The performance provided by the Opera-F pumped by a Monaco is a powerful tool
    delivering high powers at high repetition rates for demanding experiments

    It can be used for various applications as Multiphoton Excitation (MPE)
    Microscopy, Optogenetics (Photo Activation), Time-resolved Spectroscopy,
    Multidimensional Spectroscopy& Surface Spectroscopy etc.

  • Next generation of high Nd:YLF lasers
    The Revolution, from Coherent Inc.
    The new Revolution series of Q-switched, green, pulsed lasers are the
    next-generation of our market leading Evolution series, offering higher power
    and other enhanced performance specifications, together with industrial-grade
    reliability. Revolution lasers now provide average power up to 80W at
    a wavelength of 527 nm, with an excellent beam profile featuring
    an extremely smooth energy distribution.

    The applications performed by the Revolution laser are Ti:S Amplifier
    Pumping, Semiconductor Annealing, Materials Processing & Flow Visualization

  • Hyper Rapid NX from Coherent Inc. - Next generation of
    industrial picosecond laser systems
    The Hyper Rapid NX is the next generation of industrial picosecond laser systems designed
    and manufactured for use under wide environmental conditions. High average power
    operation at >100 Watt across a wide range of repetition rates up to 1 MHz, allows for
    high throughput micro-machining with highest quality and no heat affected zone.

    Used in applications like Cutting and drilling of strengthened glass,
    sapphire, ceramics and other tough materials, also composites and
    Machining & structuring of large surfaces with line focusing or multiple beams.

  • New 20 W Blue-enhanced Supercontinuum
    Fiber Laser from Fianium Lasers
    WhiteLase SC-400-20, the worlds most powerful blue-enhanced supercontinuum fiber laser. By
    utilising the latest fiber laser technology developed by Fianium the whiteLase SC-400-20 has
    the highest average power available; combined with the shortest cut-in wavelength.
    It has various features like Blue or UV enhanced spectrum on all systems, over 20 W
    average power, 3 W visible power(400 to 750 nm), high reliability and low cost of ownership.

    The high brightness of ~8mW/nm in the visible region opens new application areas for
    supercontinuum lasers in flow cytometry, imaging and spectroscopy.

  • The revolutionary new pco.flim:
    Luminescenc Lifetime Imaging Camera from PCO.AG
    PCO introduces the revolutionary new pco.flim camera for biomedical research fluorescence
    lifetime imaging. PCO flim camera system is the first luminescence lifetime imaging
    camera using a two tap CMOS image sensor. The camera can internally generate a wide range
    of frequencies and will also accept external modulation signals with in a limited range of frequencies.

    It features a variety of trigger input and output signals for easy system integration.
    Special software provides direct measurements and lifetime analysis.

    Using a new type of image sensor it is suitable for numerous applications in the field of biomedical research.

  • Pulsed Fiber Laser from Fujikura Lasers
    In fiber laser category, Fujikura offers Q switched pulsed fiber laser with excellent beam
    quality M2 < 1.6(1.3). The lasers are available in different powers as 30 W, 55 W & 75 W.
    It has various features like Back reflection protection, Long life & Tough, Maintenance
    free, Excellent beam quality, Optical Output Interface.

    Applications performed with Fujikura lasers are marking, engraving and deep engraving,
    scribing, material processing, trimming & micromachining.

  • Daylight Solutions Introducing Hedgehog:
    A New Compact, Fast-Scan, CW-Pulsed Laser for
    Scientific Research and OEM Applications
    Hedgehog is built on Daylights field-proven Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)
    technology. Available center wavelengths span the mid-IR
    spectrum from < 4 to > 13 µm, and it can operate in pulsed or CW modes.

    Hedgehog is highly optimized for mid-IR spectroscopy, and model options include: high power;
    broad tuning; high wavelength repeatability; narrow linewidth; low noise; and multiple tuning modes.

  • Daylight Solutions Introducing SideKick:
    New Quantum Cascade Tunable Laser Controller
    SideKick is a next-generation design that builds on the field-proven success of
    our TLC/FLC control electronics. SideKick supports Daylights
    broad range of external cavity quantum cascade laser (ECqcL) systems,
    functionality, and QCL wavelength selection. SideKick represents a
    significant evolution in controller features and performance, and is compatible
    with all 31/41xxx Pulsed, CW-Pulsed, UberTuner™ and Mode-Hop-Free laser heads.

    SideKick is ideally suited to OEM integration, laboratory use and mid infrared applications.

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